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Our Great Partners

Finding good partners is the key to grow business successfully. See our world-leading partners.
Based on +25 years of experience, ProEdLearning develops the Corporate Learning Pyramid that can adapt to the seniority level of the learner. 
Paladin Consulting is a leading performance-oriented consultancy servicing the South African market. They work on operational performance optimization and skills development.
high performance network
High-Performance Network, LLC is one of the most trusted leadership community for leaders-business owners, entrepreneurs and Professionals.
Having 20+ years of pure Talent Management and Recruiting experience, Lumesse develops one of the most successful recruiting suites for performance management and career planning
MINTRA GROUP is a leading global partner for companies within oil and gas, maritime, construction and renewables looking to achieve cost effective management of HR, competence and training.
pioneer pulse
Pioneer Pulse Learning is a leading company in progressive learning and cutting-edge technological methodologies. It provides excellent training experience in product and service
iq business
Founded in 1998, IQ business is the leading independent management consulting firm in South Africa. It has more than 650 consults and has a Level 3 B-BBEE status.
digital marketing institute
Digital Marketing Institute is the global leader in digital marketing education. it transforms the skills and knowledge of digital professionals on a global scale.
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RPGC presents with the most comprehensive catalog of elearning courses from the world’s top publishers, we are here to help you every step of the way.
Adtherapy is a management, skills development and communication consultancy, aimed at both marketers and agencies.
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Z Professional Development, LLC Developing High Performance Professionals in the areas of leadership, sales and customer service.
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GO1 is making learning easy. Thousands of courses. One simple solution. Discover the world’s largest marketplace of training
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Opensesame presents with the most comprehensive catalog of elearning courses from the world’s top publishers, we are here to help you every step of the way.
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S-Cubed provides our clients with unified control over every aspect of their Transactional, Operational and Strategic Human Capital Empowerment reality!
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Join us as we navigate your path to an exponential future. iOCO. … Empowering business and society, through people and technology.
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Knowzies Learning accelerates cognition to optimize performance and productivity with our high-impact digital learning solutions designed for varied learning needs, styles, and preferences.
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Pioneering Solutions Studio grants access to knowledge with the support of EDTech, to the people of the world. Pioneering Solutions Studio works with various international donor and private sector organisations from across the world to empower people through access to our EDTech solutions.
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Stalwart Learning is a premier corporate learning solutions provider, where we partner with our clients to upskill & transform their employees at various levels – right from new hires to top management.

Become a Gold Partner

A Gold Partner can choose if she/he wants to sell our Micro-learning courses only, e.g. if you are an e-learning company and need to enhance your offering with our vast catalog of leading courses.

You can also become a Gold Partner who is focused on delivering projects with our Blended Learning courses utilizing our award-winning methodology, Assessment and Coaching. Then we require you to have specific skills in either Leadership, Sales or Customer Service. We provide you with all the tools needed.

We are currently recruiting Gold Partners in all English speaking countries where 1st and 2nd   language is English.

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