Leadership Skills Inventory Assessments

Leadership Skills Inventory Assessments

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Everything you do produces a result so results matter. Assess your leadership skills while learning the skill sequence for driving leadership results.

Leadership and Management Effectiveness Gap Analysis

Today’s leaders and managers need continuous skill assessment and feedback in order to work at peak productivity and remain competitive. Chart Learning Solutions’ Leadership and Management Effectiveness Skills Inventory Assessment not only measures the 12 critical areas of leadership and management competency, but also reveals the sequence in which they take place in order to drive desired results.

This is a 60-question self-scoring tool to diagnose strengths and opportunities for improvement in coaching leadership performance. You may also request access to our Leadership Development eLearning programs that provide one-to-one learning elements for each assessment question in the form of Tutorials, emailable interactive Application Activities, quizzes, and final exams.

Chart Learning Solutions’ blended learning on-line training is also available for each skill area. The analysis of leadership skills report is immediately generated upon completion with comparisons to industry averages. Approximate time for completion: 10 minutes.