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Mosala Mokhethi – NDSO Customer Service Team

“I learned a lot during the customer service course and I found it to be life-changing. The importance of Time Management and Listening was extremely powerful to me personally”

Tseliso Makhatsi - – NDSO Customer Service Team

“Business continued to grow in double digits after we started CHART, compared to an industry growing in single digits.”

Tseliso Makhatsi - – NDSO Customer Service Team

“The course was fun and extremely informative. I am excited to apply what I learned not only at work but also at home. Since we work with internal and external customers this has really impacted my life as a person and will help me to communicate better. We learned the necessary skills to handle difficult clients much better in the future”

Kopano Kheekhe – NDSO Customer Service Team

“I can handle complaints and difficult situations much better and more effectively. We can apply what we learned back at work and it will have a real impact on my life”