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How To Become a Great Sales Coach!

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Entry Level

Need Some Experience

You have experience from Sales and want to develop your Sales role.


10-120 Hours

120 h for the complete Certification in Sales Self Managementt.

10h for each Course such as Time Management, Contact Management and so on.


Games & Work Material

Each course section has games which are part of the assessment together with work material uploaded to your coach. Final Assessment is done when presenting for your Coach.

Course Provider

Chart Learning Solutions



The online Sales Self Management course can be taken at any time and from any place.


Certification in Sales Self Management (for the 120h course)

Certification in e.g. Time Management (10h course)

Ideal For

More experienced Sales Representatives and Sales Managers who want to develop their personal efficiency.


Internet access and email


Course Overview

Our 12 sales self-management curriculum focus on inner facing skills and behaviors needed to build a solid foundation when working with prospects, customers, and clients to sell more in less time.


Product Knowledge

Contact Management

Time Management


Responsible Initiative


Career Development




Stress Management



Critical Thinking

Project Management


We implement Chart’s four-stage methodology to accurately pinpoint your needs and make recommendations in areas of high-potential rewards and ROI

"The cultural change we’ve experienced
is phenomenal, from the rookies to the veterans, and it’s showing
up in our sales. Even better, morale has skyrocketed. Sales colleagues
are giving each other standing ovations at our meetings!
We’re about to hire 15 more people as a result of our significant sales bump."

Sales Producer/Sales Training and Development, Major Printing Company

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